In 1998, Gabe Goodman appeared on an episode of Kids Say the Darndest Things, performing two unintelligible original songs with an acoustic guitar.

In the intervening 20 years - after failed attempts at child stardom and leaving college to join synth-pop group Magic Man as they supported Panic! At the Disco and Walk the Moon - Goodman has held on to his pop sensibilities but refined them with a baroque pop sensitivity on his upcoming EP, Dismissing the Gardener.

In a period of emotional turmoil and musical frustration, a friend suggested Goodman use passages from a book he was reading as writing prompts to direct his new material. The “song poems” that came from this exercise evolved into Dismissing the Gardener, an EP about intimacy created when not found. Across the six songs, Goodman delves into the physicality of two people coming together and then apart - bodies are “unlearned” (“Wading”) and “left” (“Private Space”) and desire recognized as both “The Bandage and the Wound” on the EP’s lush first single.

The recordings were made in a close collaboration between Goodman and his childhood best friend Will Radin. The pair holed up in their home state of Massachusetts, Goodman tracking his new material on a nylon-string guitar that Radin built himself. Together they create a sharp sonic palette that marries Mount Eerie’s warmth and directness with Frank Ocean’s widescreen arrangements. Dismissing the Gardener is due out now via Salient Recordings.